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Amelia is an emblem of Chile’s most extreme experiment in viticulture: the Limarí Valley. Reaching the outer edges of cultivable terrain in the country’s northernmost region, just south of the Atacama desert, Limarí Valley is home to idyllic vineyards, an arid climate and coastal influences. This concert of characteristics make Quebrada Seca Vineyard an unmatched origin that leaves an indelible impression in every glass of Amelia wine: minerality, complexity and elegance.

After discovering the potential of the Limarí Valley, we began to understand how the sea and soil shape the wines here and give them unique minerality and freshness. We knew, without a doubt, this would be the origin for Amelia.

Marcelo Papa, Winemaker
A photograph of Quebrada Seca Vineyard showing a hill covered in vine rows, with a dirt path running along the base of the hill. A mountainous range in the background is covered in a light fog and trees scatter the base of the mountains.

Quebrada Seca Vineyard

Amelia Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are estate-grown, single-vineyard wines from Quebrada Seca Vineyard in the Limarí Valley, known for its extreme conditions at the southern end of the arid Atacama Desert. Perched on the North Bank of the Limarí River, just 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean and 623 feet above sea level, the vines at Quebrada Seca benefit from cooling fog and ocean breezes that moderate temperatures and foster a long, slow ripening season. Limestone soils give wines from Quebrada Seca—meaning dry creek—their hallmark freshness and minerality.

A bio photo of Marcelo Papa tapping a wine barrel in the winery with barrels lined behind him.

Marcelo Papa

Among the world’s preeminent winemakers, Marcelo Papa brings a wealth of experience to Amelia and Marques de Casa Concha Heritage, including more than 25 harvests in Chile, Napa Valley and Bordeaux. His wines reflect a lifelong pursuit to uncover his country’s noble winegrowing roots. Named Chile’s 2019 Winemaker of the Year by venerable wine critic and Master of Wine, Tim Atkin, Marcelo is reimagining Chile’s approach to winegrowing by matching its prized terroirs with precisely the right grape varieties, elevating his site-specific wines to the world stage.

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