A birds-eye view photograph of a vineyard, with hills and sprawling, dense trees surrounding the vineyard.

California is synonymous with fine wine around the globe

As the largest wine-producing region in the United States, California is synonymous with fine wine around the globe. Grape vines were first planted in southern California by Spanish Franciscan Missionaries in the late 18th Century; today, the North Coast appellation is home to a vast majority of the state’s wineries. California’s vineyards bring together incomparable elements—fresh mountain air, cooling sea breezes, rolling hills, Pacific fog and seemingly never-ending sunshine—to create coveted terroirs that yield world-class wines.

A vibrant photograph of grapevines taken from between two vine rows. A landscape in the far-off distance is covered by clouds and a rainbow can be seen in the right corner of the photograph.

Mendocino County

Home to the nation’s highest concentration of organic and sustainable vineyards, Mendocino County is divided by a chain of towering coastal mountains. To the west, small vineyards grow cool-climate varietals amid rugged seaside terrain; to the east, Mediterranean varietals thrive under the California sun.

Our vineyards are located in the inland portion of the county, which enjoys a classic Mediterranean climate. The dry, warm summer days with cool nights make it ideal for growing wine grapes.

Mendocino County has long been a stronghold of organic agriculture in the United States.

A close-up photograph of a grape leaf. The sun is setting, turning the sky in the background a rich orange.

Napa Valley

The legendary Napa Valley—heralded for its Cabernet Sauvignon—is cradled between the Mayacamas and Vaca mountain ranges, with vineyards dotting the hillsides up to 2,600 feet in elevation. A Mediterranean climate and 33 distinct soil series illustrate the complexity and diversity of Napa’s incredible terroir.

A close-up photograph of grapevines and grapes. The leaves are a rich red and the grapes are ripe.

Santa Maria Valley

With an extended growing season among the longest in the world, Santa Maria Valley along California’s Central Coast is a cool-climate region heavily influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Low rainfall and mild temperatures, coupled with cooling coastal fog, make it ideal for growing nuanced Pinot Noir.

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