A close-up photograph of the tops of grapevines with trees in the distance and mountains covered in fog in the background.

Rugged Terrain Meets World-Class Terroir

Chile is the oldest wine producing country in the New World. Its multitude of origins, together with exceptional geographical and weather characteristics, enable Chilean grapes to develop in an optimal way, obtaining aromas and flavors that help us to achieve the highest quality in our wines.

The country’s valleys offer an almost infinite variety of topographies, which are determined mainly by their proximity to the Andes Mountains in the east, the Central Valley, or the Pacific Ocean in the west.

A photograph of the Maipo Valley vineyards, in which birds can be seen flying over top dense vine rows. Mountains can be seen in the background, covered by a light fog.

Maipo Valley

Maipo Valley, at the northern end of the Central Valley, is a celebrated producer of red wines, specifically Cabernet Sauvignon. The vines here bask in abundant sunlight at the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Cool nights temper the climate, and alluvial rocky soils give rise to wines with rich complexity.

A high angle scenic view of D.O. Limari, showing a hill with rows of vines, dirt roads, and trees in the foreground, and misty highlands in the background.

Limarí Valley

At the outer edge of northern Chile’s cultivable terrain, south of the arid Atacama Desert, Limarí Valley is a highly prized cool-climate region. Defined by its signature calcium carbonate soils and proximity to the cooling breezes of the Pacific Ocean, Limarí produces austere wines with pronounced minerality.

A long-shot photograph showing leafless vine rows atop orange hills, with sprawling green hills scattered with trees in the background as well as a foggy mountainous range.

Casablanca Valley

Casablanca Valley, nestled 62 miles northwest of the city of Santiago, is a premier cool-climate region shaped by maritime breezes and cooling fog from the Pacific Ocean. Chile’s oldest Pinot Noir vines are planted to red clay and granite soils here, amid a coastal climate reminiscent of Burgundy, France.

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