Trivento Eolo, A Malbec Icon

The confluence of elements that shape a vineyard ultimately shape the character of its wines. Nowhere is this more evident than the iconic Eolo Vineyard in Mendoza’s Luján de Cuyo region, where some of Argentina’s oldest Malbec vines were planted more than a century ago. Today, Eolo Malbec is the pinnacle of Bodega Trivento’s offerings, handcrafted from a single block of vines grown on original rootstock to create an extraordinary expression of its treasured namesake origin.

In this wine, we find the unmistakable influence of the Andes, a century of tradition, and the Luján de Cuyo sun.

Germán Di Césare, Winemaker
A photograph of vine rows stretching towards neatly planted trees, with fog covered mountains in the background and a grey sky.

Eolo Vineyard

Planted on the northern bank of the Mendoza River in Luján de Cuyo in 1912, Eolo Vineyard has been carefully tended by generations of family farmers for more than a century. Eolo soars to 3,225 feet at the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Loamy sand and gravel soils, which aid in drainage, are balanced by small clay bands, which retain water from mountain snowmelt, channeled by the Mendoza River. The region’s signature winds, intense sunlight, and strikingly cold evenings work in concert to shape the unique character of the exceptional grapes grown here.

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A smiling bio photo of Germán Di Césare standing between a row of green vines, blurred in the background.

Germán Di Cesare

Germán Di Cesare’s earliest connection to winemaking can be traced to Argentina’s gaucho culture: the energy of riding horses, the sound of folk music, the spirit of gathering with friends and family for asado. Wine is central to the experience. That early passion propelled Germán to earn a degree in enology from the prestigious Universidad Don Bosco in Mendoza; he joined Bodega Trivento in 2003. As Chief Winemaker today, Germán personally crafts Eolo Malbec by hand to showcase the century-old vines of the unparalleled Eolo Vineyard in Luján de Cuyo.

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