Terrunyo, an Expression of Terroir

Terrunyo embodies the spirit of terroir expression with a range of estate-grown, limited-production wines from Chile’s most celebrated wine regions. Each specific vineyard block is selected for its ability to convey the typicity of the grape variety and the unique combination of soil, climate, sun exposure and elevation that defines its terroir. The fruit is harvested by hand and carefully crafted into expressive, complex wines that pay homage to their origins.

At the moment of creating a wine, I aim to express all of its special characteristics, the essence of the grape variety together with the character of the soil where it was grown.

Marcio Ramírez, Winemaker
A photograph of the Peumo Vineyard showing rich orange and yellowing vine rows with trees scattered in the background and running along the bottom of a tree-covered mountain in the background.

Across Chile

The wines of Terrunyo reflect their estate-grown origins in three lauded regions of Chile. In Maipo Valley, Pirque Vineyard basks in abundant sunlight at the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Cool nights temper the climate, and alluvial rocky soils give rise to Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with rich complexity. In Cachapoal Valley, Peumo Vineyard is heavily influenced by the Cachapoal River and Lake Rapel. A vast expanse between day and night temperatures, along with alluvial, clay-loam soils, combine to develop dark fruit notes and firm tannins in the site’s Carmenere grapes. In the coolest region of Casablanca Valley, Los Boldos Vineyard, nestled just 11 miles from the Pacific Ocean, sees morning clouds and cold, windy afternoons—ideal conditions for growing bright Sauvignon Blanc fruit with fresh minerality.

A smiling bio photo of Marcio Ramírez with a blurred, autumnal coloured vineyard in the background.

Marcio Ramírez

At the vanguard of site-specific winegrowing in Chile, Marcio Ramírez is ushering in a terroir-driven winemaking renaissance that invites wine enthusiasts to rediscover New World terroirs. Marcio trained as a winemaker at the prestigious Universidad de Chile and has since built an impressive career spanning more than 25 years, prioritizing quality and a deep connection to the unique characteristics of each vineyard. A Carmenere expert, thanks to decades spent mastering the variety, Marcio consistently crafts wines for Terrunyo and Carmín de Peumo that earn coveted scores from top wine critics.

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