Amelia Chardonnay 2021

The color is a clean and bright light yellow. It is a complex, layered wine dominated by minerality, white flowers, pear, and flint. The wine combines the structure given by the soil’s red clay and minerality. It is long, taut, fresh on the palate, with great persistence, and finishes with a lovely salinity.

Excellent for pairing with fish and seafood, as well as creamy cheeses such as Camembert and Brie.

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“After discovering the potential of the Limarí Valley, we began to understand how the sea and soil shape the wines here and give them unique minerality and freshness. We knew, without a doubt, this would be the origin for Amelia.”

Marcelo Papa

Winemaking Notes

Sorting by conveyor belt which carries whole grape bunches for pressing without destemming. Fermentation occurs in French oak barrels, 10% of which are first-use, and the rest are 2-3 years old. The alcoholic fermentation process lasted eight days. The wine then underwent 12 months in Burgundy French oak barrels, 10% of first use and 90% of second and third use. Subsequently, the wine was bottled and aged for 6 months.

Vineyard Notes

The Quebrada Seca vineyard is located 190 meters above sea level, just 22 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, on the north bank of the Limarí River. The soils are clayey and rich in calcium carbonate; temperatures are cold, and mornings are cloudy, allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and produce fresher wines. This Vineyard's Block 9 is associated with the Quebrada Seca soil series. Its soils are thin, with no stones, and colluvial in origin. Its red clay is loaded with iron and calcium carbonate, allowing us to obtain wines genuinely reflecting this terroir. These are fresh and mineral wines with good structure and volume in the mouth. Sea proximity permits cool coastal breezes to blow directly into the valley, thus cooling the vineyard and moderating temperatures. Also, cloudy mornings allow for slow fruit ripening, leading to fresher wines. This year was slightly colder than an average year, with overcast mornings and no rainfall during harvest.

Technical Details

Limari Valley

Aging Potential: Drink now and up to 2030

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